Green Smoothies and (Eggless) French Toast

Today is President’s Day, which is a holiday and so we both have the day off of work. I wanted to take advantage of the lazy day to make a fun breakfast (Eggless French Toast) that is also healthy (Green Smoothies)

Matt made one of our typical green smoothies. We eat smoothies for breakfast about 3 times a week. We vary the ingredients, but this one included: spinach, non-dairy milk (e.g., soy), bananas, frozen berries, flax seed, peanut butter and almonds.

I have been wanting to try Eggless French Toast for a while. I followed the recipe from the cookbook, Peas and Thank You. Ingredients included non-dairy milk, whole wheat pastry flour, cinnamon, nutritional yeast and vanilla extract. It also called for a non-dairy creamer, but I didn’t have any of that, so I used extra non-dairy milk plus about 2/3 Tbs. of tapioca powder.

It took about 15 minutes to make. We ate it with a bit of non-dairy butter (made by Earth Balance, which is a plant-based oil blend and is non-hydrogenated, meaning there are no trans fats) and maple syrup.


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4 thoughts on “Green Smoothies and (Eggless) French Toast

  1. Kelly

    Why the nutritional yeast in this recipe? Looks good!

    • Not sure… I just followed the recipe! Usually nutritional yeast adds a nutty flavor that resembles cheese, but I think here it added a kick to resemble the flavor usually provided by egg.

  2. I’m excited about learning more about what you eat! Have you ever tried coconut oil as a butter substitute? It is kind of pricey, but we absolutely love to make our French toast with it– it adds such a yummy sweet flavor 🙂

    • Hi Meagan! I use coconut oil sometimes for sauteing, but I haven’t thought of using it as a butter substitute for things like spreading on bread (or french toast). I’ll try that next time!

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