Trial and Error

I’m not going to pretend that we love every dish that we make. We have a few staple recipes, but both Matt and I enjoy trying out new recipes. Sometimes they aren’t that good, and other times we just mess them up. 

This one was a potato and spinach Indian-style recipe. To add protein and make it more filling, we added tofu. (For information on how to cook with tofu, go here. It’s really not that scary, I promise!) We probably didn’t balance out the spices right, so it ended up kind of bland. Here are the onions, potatoes and tofu sauteing in water with not-enough spice.


Quick solution to the blandness: add a sauce. We had some leftover (store-bought) raspberry and pepper marinade sauce in the fridge, and poured that on it instead. Top it with some pine nuts, salt and pepper, and voila, it’s… good enough. I don’t expect to indulge in deliciousness every night. Sometimes a healthy, filling meal is, frankly, good enough.




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