Hoisin-Glazed Tempeh, Green Beans & Cashews

This recipe is from the Vegetarian Times, a magazine to which I’ve been subscribing for the past several years. They have free recipes online too, at www.vegetariantimes.com. I used to make it a lot because it was so easy to make and a delicious way to use frozen vegetables. I’m kind of a snob about my produce, so I usually don’t like the taste of the frozen stuff. But the delicious hoisin-based, Asian-style sauce makes the frozen green beans taste much better. Similarly, the sauce is strong enough that you don’t need to steam the tempeh.

I double it so that we have extra for lunch.

Start by mixing the hoisin-sauce with tamari, rice vinegar, cornstarch and water.

Then, grate the ginger and mince the garlic. I used the fresh kind, but you can use jarred minced garlic too.

Saute the ginger and onion in oil or water. Meanwhile cut the tempeh into cubes.

Then add the tempeh and the hoisin sauce mixture.

Mix so that the tempeh is covered in the sauce. Then cover and simmer for about 2 minutes. The sauce will thicken. Then add the green beans. I had less green beans in the freezer than I thought, so I did a mix of green beans and peas instead. Cover and simmer for about 5 more minutes. Top with cashews and serve.

Weeknight dinner done in 30 minutes.

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