What we eat on vacation: Part 2 – Making your own meals

It is important to bring the right snacks and basic kitchen tools to make your own healthy and cheap meals while on vacation. We brought a whole suitcase of snacks, prepping tools, and other odds and ends for eating on the go.

Here are a few key staples:

Food Prep & Storage
– Small but sharp travel knife with knife cover
– Small cutting board
– Cloth bags like these
– A few lightweight storage containers that can act as bowls and storage (check out these BPA-free ones that we use)
– Ziplock bags
– Extra rubber bands and twistie-ties for securing open bags of trail mix and other snacks
– Bamboo utensils like these
– Camping sponge (that’s quick-dry) with camping dishwashing soap and a towel for drying
– Spices or seasoning for pre-planned meals
– Plastic plates
– Water bottles and travel coffee mugs

Snack Foods
– Trail mixes and nuts from Trader Joe’s (They are the cheapest and have great varieties. We brought six packs for our 10 day trip.)
– Individual oatmeal packets
– Dried berries for oatmeal (eg raisins, cranberries and blueberries, also from Trader Joe’s)
– Dried fruits for snacking (We brought pineapple and mango, also from Trader Joe’s)
– Crispy snacks to get your salt fix like crackers, salad snap pea chips, and banana chips
– Power bars like Luna and Cliff

We also got groceries and carried perishables in a cooler (big thanks to my mom and dad for organizing that.) With all of those items we made the following breakfasts and lunches:

– Oatmeal with berries and nondairy milk
– Granola with berries and nondairy milk
– Tofu scramble (an easy version using Matt’s camping stove)

– Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
– Power bars with trail mix
– Baked tofu and vegetable sandwiches
– Carrots and hummus on the side


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2 thoughts on “What we eat on vacation: Part 2 – Making your own meals

  1. Mom

    Loved the baked tofu sandwiches. Plan to make one tomorrow. The tofu stir fry was delicious too!!!

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