What We Eat on Vacation: Part 3 – Restaurants

We made and prepared a lot of our food while on vacation, but of course we still enjoyed great food at restaurants too. Here are some of the good vegan meals we found, or worked with the chefs to create using minor substitutions.

  • Cheeseless pizza. This sounds weird, I know. But I’ve found that I enjoy the tastes of roasted vegetables and delicious pizza sauces if you leave off the cheese. It takes some practice figuring out which flavored complement each other and not all restaurants do this well. But, I enjoyed mushroom pizza with tomato sauce, onion, basil and garlic at the Snake River Brewery in Jackson, WY. They did it VERY well. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Chuck Wagon in Cooke City, MT had a great sandwich wrap with homemade black bean spread and vegetables.
  • Lotus Cafe in Jackson, WY has excellent vegan and organic cuisine. I had lentil tacos and mango cabbage spring rolls and both were delicious.
  • The Beartooth Cafe in Cooke City had a portobello mushroom salad with vegetables, pine nuts and pineapple. The dressing was not vegan, so instead I substituted olive oil and vinegar. They also have great beer and great T-shirts.
  • We only ate at one restaurant in Yellowstone Park, which was at the Old Faithful Inn. They had red lentil cakes with tzatziki sauce, which has yogurt in it. I asked for the cakes without the sauce, and they weren’t very good. The spinach salad with candied pecans was tasty though!
  • The Jackson Whole Grocer is kind of like a local Whole Foods or Yes! Organic Market; it has a deli with excellent custom sandwich options. We went there twice and both my sandwiches were delicious.
  • Finally, The Granary, a fine dining restaurant in Jackson with an amazing view – and also happens to be the employer of the best bartender ever, my brother – put together a special vegan dish for us that was not on the menu. Bow-tie pasta with sauteed vegetables in a delicious garlic and olive oil sauce. We appreciated their flexibility for us! The Granary also features Pam, a wonderful singer and pianist who also happens to sing feminist versions of songs, such as: Sing us a song, your the piano-person. 🙂

Overall I ate some great vegan food while on vacation!

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