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Our Typical Breakfast

For years I struggled with finding a breakfast that would fill me up until lunchtime. Matt introduced me to oatmeal, and I’ve never turned back. We typically use either a multi-grain mix of rye, barley, oats and wheat or just oats. We almost always use the “rolled oats” because they only take about about 5-10 minutes to cook on the stovetop. With the exception of when we travel, we also always use the kind that are just plain oats or grains and don’t include any added sugars, flavoring, etc… because we make our own.

The typical staples in our oatmeal are:

  • banana
  • walnuts (rich source of omega-3s)
  • raisins
  • dried cranberries, blueberries or other dried fruit (from Trader Joe’s, the cheapest source I know of for dried nuts and berries)
  • flax seed (rich source of omega-3s and high in fiber)


You can cook the oatmeal in the microwave but we do it on the stovetop. While it is simmering, we get ready for work.

Once the oatmeal is finished we add a little bit of non-dairy milk and eat!


A few notes:

  • We used to always add some maple or agave syrup to sweeten it, but our need to taste sugar has reduced over time so that’s no longer necessary. If I remember to, I simmer the raisins with the oatmeal so that the oatmeal soak up some of the sugars from the raisins.
  • This can get boring over time so we try different variations. My current favorite is peanut butter oatmeal. Another favorite is adding chopped apples and cinnamon. We also sometimes do Happy Herbivore’s chai oatmeal and pumpkin oatmeal (using canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice)
  • It may seem like this takes a long time but it really doesn’t if you plan ahead. And, the feeling of fullness all morning is worth it.
  • My friend Myra loves our oatmeal breakfast. She says she dreams about it 🙂
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