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Sun-dried Tomato Minestrone Soup

This is one of my favorite all-time recipes, and definitely one of my favorite soup recipes. It is a great soup recipe for anytime of year. The best thing about it is the broth. The combination of the rich flavors from sauteed celery, carrot, garlic and onion with Italian herbs plus the tanginess of sun-dried tomatoes are an amazing combination.

You can get the full recipe online from Vegetarian Times. Ingredients include:

  • onion
  • carrot
  • celery
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • white beans
  • frozen peas
  • white wine vinegar

I make it more stew-like by using less water and adding cooked pasta. Sometimes I also add in a few hand-fulls of baby spinach 5 minutes before it is done cooking.

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Quinoa with Tofu and Asparagus

I love asparagus season. It is one of my favorite vegetables, but it’s only in season a few months out of the year. Last year the season flew by me and I barely ate any local asparagus. This year I vow to eat as much as I can.

This recipe is an easy, one-pot, weeknight meal. The recipe is from Whole Foods (click for the full recipe). Ingredients include:

  • red onion
  • garlic
  • sundried tomatoes
  • lemon juice
  • lemon zest
  • quinoa
  • tofu
  • asparagus
  • cashews

Start with sauteing red onion and garlic, then add sundried tomatoes, then add the rest (except for asparagus and cashews) and cook for 15 minutes.

Lay the asparagus on top, cover again, and cook for 5 more minutes or so. You are supposed to cut up the asparagus into 1 inch pieces, however I overlooked that step and had already washed my knife and cutting board, so I didn’t do it. It would’ve tasted better that way, but oh well, I was tired. (I suggest you follow the recipe directly in the link above.)

After 5 minutes, add salt, mix, top with cashews and enjoy.

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